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Hi I'm Robert Lower. I am a registered counsellor with the Australian Institute of Professional counsellors, I hold a Bachelor of Psycological Science, and I hold an Advanced Diploma of Professional Counselling. I have been studying personal development for the past 27 years. Your health and wellbeing is very important to me.

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At different times in our lives, we may face situations or emotions that we cannot work through on our own, I can support you and offer different techniques to assist you move forward in your life.


I also offer personal development courses which are tailored to suit your needs.


I can help you rekindle your relationship, by working with you and your partner, I can help you reconnect and improve your communication with each other.

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Life can throw up challenges, which at the time, can seem like mountains.You may feel stuck in a place and not see the forrest for the trees. You may feel overwhelmed by current events in your life, and just need some guideance on how to deal with those feelings.


Counselling can help you make a plan for overcoming those feelings. Just like we have to tune up our cars or bikes, sometimes we need to tune up our heads and hearts.


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Depression can be a normal response to the stress of life. It can also be something that can arise in the absence of an event or experience. Depression becomes problematic when it begins to impact your ability to function or when it interferes with the quality of your life.


Anxiety is a normal and healthy reaction in many situations. A little anxiety can be motivating. It can also increase one's level of alertness. However, when anxiety becomes overwhelming or chronic, it can interfere with daily functioning.

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Stress can have a huge impact on our lives, physically and emtionally. Healing Counselling offers a range of personal development courses aimed at teaching you new ways of dealing with everyday issues. Courses are tailored to your needs, and are run over 10 sessions, and you will recieve a certificate on completion.